No Traffic Signal!

Why were these new lights at FM 1382 and the Cedar Hill state park entrance installed?  The state park entrance has gone without lights for decades with no problem.  As a matter of fact, with the flooding a number of years ago, even the modest traffic going in and coming out, has decreased dramatically.  The main launch ramp and marina have been closed for years.  Part of the camping area is shut down.

There is no warrant study that goes along with these lights.  These are studies TxDOT does that shows lights are warranted by traffic.  No warrant study exists for these lights.  These lights were installed for other reasons than traffic!

The lights have been installed for pelotonistas!  A pelotonista is someone that dresses up like Lance Armstrong with a tight suit and a pointee hat and rides an expensive bicycle thinking outfits and bicycles make them professionals.  They are the ones that ride at least two abreast on city streets and take up entire lanes of traffic.

The city of Cedar Hill is spending millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money and “leveraged” funds of TxDOT, meaning they levered someone else’s money, also from taxpayers, to provide the peolonistas a 12′ wide concrete “trail”, as the city is fond of calling concrete, so that they can come from far and wide and participate in bicycle rallies.  You, as a driver, needs to be controlled with lights while the pelotonistas pass in an event!

The trail starts for now at New Clark Road and comes down the hill to the state park entrance but will eventually go out of sight toward the dam and some reports say enter Grand Prairie and Dallas.

During off pelotonista hours are the lights of any use?  Well, no!  They are a nuisance to traffic on FM 1382 and actually dangerous.  In the span of 1.4 miles, going up the hill a driver will encounter four traffic lights, one at the park entrance, one at the charter school, one at New Clark Road, and one at Sleepy Holly, and that does not count the one at Straus Road where 300 apartment units are going in.

The lights for those wanting to leave the park and enter it give the drivers a false sense of security.  When there was the large gaps in traffic caused by the lights at Camp Wisdom and the other lights up the hill, drivers were cautious when entering FM 1382.  Now, they presume, because they have a light, everyone is going to stop at the red light.  Do they always?  The answer is no.  

Eagle Ford is a street that dead ends into FM 1382 from the east near the Joe Pool Lake overlook dam entrance.  Actually the entrance is now closed because of dam erosion.  There is never any problem entering FM 1382 either northbound or southbound from Eagle Ford.  One can look toward the north toward Camp Wisdom and see a half of mile of car-free roadway because the cars have been stopped at Camp Wisdom.  The same is true to the south.  Traffic is stopped by the multitude of lights in Cedar Hill.

Here are those that egg the city on into spending your tax money and creating giant boondoggles for the benefit of others and ego trips for some.  The city likes to spend your money for bragging rights with-respect-to other cities.

CDC 1382 Project Update 12 06 2016

You need to call the city of Cedar HIll, the state park, and TxDOT to tell them you resent their putting in lights for a few when many get slowed down even more.  Here are some contacts:

Greg Porter
City Manager
972.291.5100 x1016

Melissa Valadez-Cummings
Assistant City Manager
972.291.5100 x1007

You can find the mayor and city council email addresses here:

TxDOT contacts will be coming soon.

Get rid of those traffic signals that serve only a few and hinder a multitude!